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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Wishing You a Day Full of Craic

No Saint Patrick's partying for me, rehearsing the kidlets in Pirates of Pizazz, the grown-ups in a sung Stations and the Reproaches and an "Easter Screamer" or three.

But I do want to proudly announce that i took our Christmas tree and the creche down -- before St Patricks.

If I had the leisure and the cash, it would be great to have toodled out to the Right Caost and joined the Eldest Sib, fiddling away at some pub, (last time I had that privilege, someone from Cherish the Ladies was sitting in on the session!)

A good article by Jimmy Akin, putting to rest the nonsense that Patrick founded some sort of extra-Roman, Celtic Catholic Church, (the Eldest Sib is fond of that one, the independent Celtic Spirituality myth, despite its having no more truth to it than the stories modern day "witches" like to tell themselves about the ancient wellsprings of their fabricated 20th c. cult.)

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