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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Suspected Mysticism?

I have no thoughts or opinion on this, I know little about Medjugorje, but what does "suspected mysticism" mean in this context?


Charles said...

G, I've read about three books on the subject of Medjugorje, even co-wrote some devotional hymns. Dunno much 'bout heresy....
It does seem that Vlasic's pickle has helped put him in his pickle.
My bad.

Dad29 said...

Catholic Encyclopedia:

In philosophy, Mysticism is either a religious tendency and desire of the human soul towards an intimate union with the Divinity, or a system growing out of such a tendency and desire. As a philosophical system, Mysticism considers as the end of philosophy the direct union of the human soul with the Divinity through contemplation and love, and attempts to determine the processes and the means of realizing this end. This contemplation, according to Mysticism, is not based on a merely analogical knowledge of the Infinite, but as a direct and immediate intuition of the Infinite. According to its tendency, it may be either speculative or practical, as it limits itself to mere knowledge or traces duties for action and life; contemplative or affective, according as it emphasizes the part of intelligence or the part of the will; orthodox or heterodox, according as it agrees with or opposes the Catholic teaching. We shall give a brief historical sketch of Mysticism and its influence on philosophy, and present a criticism of it.

Looks like a synthesis of a couple of heresies--Gnosticism would be one of them, anyway.

No question Vlasic was a bad actor.