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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

That's Not What It Means!

Palliative care means that intended to alleviate suffering.


It does not invariably mean, "end of life" care.
This article does the field a great disservice, by tying the obviously benign medical practice, which should be available to all at every stage of their lives, terminal disease or not, to the currently much feared, and not necessarily benign creation of "panels" to determine whether one qualifies for care aimed at cure; and thus sugar-coating what many fear will be an evil fruit of health care reform.

Palliative care's purpose is to improve or maintain quality of life, not merely to "take care of" those whose quality of life doesn't earn them more aggressive medial care.

(This is not to say that easing the pain of the dying, and in the process ascertaining if a more stringent, asertive medical regimen would be welcome or unwelcome, is not the Lord's work.)

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