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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

"Can I bring anything, honey? well, at least let me help with the dishes..."

It's good, as we stumble along, to remember exactly what it is, with which we are dealing.
For a variety of reasons, we have been slow to take [the family meal] aspect of the Eucharist seriously.

Perhaps this is because its other dimensions seem more sacred.

Our reluctance to accept this is evident in the simple criticism that is made of people who go to church principally because of its social aspect: "She doesn't go to church to pray! She just goes for the socializing, for the chance to talk with others!"

That is always voiced as a negative when, in fact, it a good reason, among others, to go the Eucharist.

The ritual of the Eucharist was given to us because we are social in our very make-up.

To go to church to socialize is reason enough to be there.

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