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Friday, 9 October 2009

The best laid plans...

I put a certain amount of effort into deciding exactly when to tell everyone concerned what our intentions were and our timetable was, regarding the Big Move, (both official and social"notice" --although I work without benefit of contract and could legally just not show up, and ethically probably just give 2 weeks,) while fulfilling previously accepted commitments.

I needed to give others sufficient time to find replacements but not leave so long a time that my successor would be thrown in at the deep end or be forced by time constraints to accept my decisions in matters that were rightly his purview;
couldn't add another burden at specific times when those most affected by it were already overburdened;
could not leak information to certain people when there would be no immediate opportunity to tell others who were next, or even higher, in the pecking order, whose noses, or I guess, "beaks" to stick with the metaphor, would then rightly be out to joint to have heard through the grapevine rather than it being personally communicated to them in a timely manner;
didn't wish to present one last proposal as a "lame duck" (oh, the bird similes are just piling up!);
couldn't bear to do it immediately after a foreseeable but unavoidable conflict that was looming, lest my leaving be perceived as anything other than amicable...

And what happens? the one who will be charged with securing my replacement has an enormous burden that far outweighs the scheduled duties of the liturgical calendar thrust upon him, the opportunity to present the proposal has been shuffled waaaaaaaaaay off in the calendar, and a bit of unpleasantness sprang up out of nowhere, (and for once, I am not, so far as I can see, to blame in any way, shape or form.)

I can't win.

I sometimes feel inclined to just drop it like a bomb, in the sacristy at, say... 8:55 a.m. this coming Sunday?

After all my time is so worthless, there must be scads of people you can get to do the same things by just snapping your fingers.

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Dad29 said...

Professionally speaking (HR-associated functions for 30++ years)...

Drop the bomb politely as soon as possible. Working with that "unsaid" will grind you and your work will become less-than-ideal.

After you've told 'em, you will be free to work well until the end.