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Monday, 19 October 2009

Lady With a Baby on Board, or where did that person go?

When I was learning to drive, (which I did at a bizarrely advanced age for a suburbanite, but why bother when there are 6 people or so who would have dibs on the driver seat, and indeed the car itself, ahead of you? but I digress...)
When I was learning to drive, I had an outlook, almost a mantra, there's a woman in labor in the back seat.
Huh? you ask.
It was my clumsy way of incorporating Renoir's everyone has his reasons... into my life.

Yes, that driver cut me off/ran that stop sign/is going far too fast/nearly ran me off the road -- but maybe he or she had good reason, of which I can know nothing.

And since I can't know it, I'll give'm the benefit of the doubt, and drive accordingly, more importantly think accordingly.

Where did that Me go?
I don't think that way anymore, I don't drive that way, I don't treat people that way.

Sometimes it seems that life experience forces you to choose, do I want to be a cynic or a chump?

Is being a chump such a bad thing?

Believe it or not, it was choir, and choir attendance that kicked off the soul searching, but that is another matter...

Anyway, I want to go back to smiling, even if I risk having my teeth kicked in.

1 comment:

Mary Jane said...

This is akin to remembering that everyone has struggles that I know nothing about. And yes, I'd rather think well of people than think ill. If only they'd return the favor ...:)