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Monday, 19 October 2009

Ordination Histories

In honor of the Year for Priests, our parish, like, I hope, many others, is celebrating the "sons of the parish" whose vocations blessed the Church.
Not a big town, not a huge parish, but over the years, it gave a good number of young men to the priesthood.

The other parishes in town did as well, (though the widow's mite comes into play, the tiny ethnic parishes just did not have the human wherewithal to produce priests in such numbers.)

Since we are celebrating, or at least recognizing the ordination anniversaries, the stats are posted everywhere.

Several dozen priests over nearly 4 decades.

The longest gap in between vocations to the priesthood was 7 years, but at the end of that there was a cluster, so I am thinking the Second World War may have had a great affect the life trajectories of young Catholic men from this town.

A priest every three an half years, on average.

3.54, to be precise.

But looking at the numbers, on first glance, the parish seemed to have "produced" priests with a little more frequency.

Because we've only had one in the past 34 years, and there was a gap of over three decades since the second to the last.

And if you take that last one out of the equation, you see that the parish had an ordination every 2.23 years on average.

We were producing vocations.

And then we stopped.

We pretty much stopped.

What was your parish like?

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