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Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Reform of the Liturgy, the Ideal of Ecumenism, and the Way It Actually Played Out...

Conspiracy theorists abound, but I don't think it is necessary to impute malice to those whose actions brought about near-disastrous consequences. Quoth one Combox Commando:
Many faithful Catholics in the aftermath of the Council shared almost euphorically the expectation that the new liturgy would spur a wholesale influx of Protestants into the One True Church. Of course, we now know that nothing of sort happened—and instead that the Church itself was Protestantized—but in that time of hope the optimism seemed neither suspect nor unrealistic.
Another asks:
Is it any wonder that only 30% of Catholics now believe in the Real Presence?
People don't really listen to the spiel given by the flight attendant before take-off, do they? (Of course, flying was less common, then -- had either of the popes who presided over VCII flown?)
Good advice in any number of circumstances:

“If the cabin looses sufficient pressure, a mask will drop down from your over-head compartment. Secure the mask around your head like this, and breathe normally. Don’t be concerned if the bag doesn’t inflate. If you are traveling with a child or someone who needs assistance, secure your own oxygen mask first, and then offer assistance to your companion.”

Because chances are you can't give meaningful assistance to someone else after ya lose consciousness, ya know?

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