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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmass Priorities

We discussed this in CCD a week and a bit ago, but try as I might to drive the conversation, when all was said an done, there was a grudging admission by some that, okay, maybe "family" was more important than "presents", but #2 was the lowest presents would go.

"God"  or "Jesus" might be as high as fourth or fifth, but worshiping God? attending Mass?
Probably not going to happen.

My own priorities list starts out admirably enough, but by fourth, it's more a matter of laziness - if I don't care about lights, look at all the time and effort I save!

Cookie ranks pretty high, time must be found to bake, but that's more of a memorial to Christmasses Past, and a memorial to the Great Baker herself than gluttony on my part.

An old proverb says, "Cookies are made of butter and love."
And that is certainly how she made them.

I had only come across two of my very, very very favoritests shortly before discovering my allerg to All Things Corn -- James Beard had an amazing, crispy, rich wafer made with orange zest and corn meal that I will probably always miss.

But Melting Moments?

It finally occurred to me to substitute potato starch for the corn starch.


Perhaps BETTER than the original!

I see that I am not the first to make this discovery.

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