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Friday, 5 December 2014

Do Journalists READ What They Have Written?

This is neither a criticism, nor an endorsement of the papal action covered in this article, (I have no knowledge on which to base an opinion that a military authority can or cannot be too military and too authoritarian, nor of the skill with which Daniel Anrig failed in or fulfilled his duties, and therefore have no opinion at the present.)

But it is reported everywhere that the commander of the Pope's Swiss Guard has been asked to step down.

In this theoretically objective article, the writer informs his readership that,
the Argentinean Pope, who has established a warmer, more inclusive style of governance since being appointed pontiff in March last year, found the commander’s manner overly strict
Making news for sacking people doesn't offer the best evidence of this warmth and inclusivity, but say that it's so.
But warmth and inclusivity are in line with the meme of the humblest, least authoritarian prelate in the history of the Church.
A couple paragraphs later,
the soldier said: “I can’t, it’s against orders.”
The Pope replied: “I give the orders around here.”
Umm.... no.
I mean, yes, the Pope gives orders and is entitled to do so, and entitled to have them obeyed, but again, doesn't giving orders that abrogate the power to command of ones subordinates pretty much the very definition of authoritarianism? Isn't THAT being "strict"?
So much for Subsidiarity....

Frankly, such disregard for facts that don't support the storyline you've chosen reminds me of how Matthew Fox, the noted space cadet,  found irony in Benedict's declaring St Hildegard a Doctor of the Church, when he was, you know, so misogynistic and all; rather than finding what was obviously there - evidence of the pope's high regard for women.

Makes you wonder what else Fox could and couldn't find.
You know, with his own two hands.

Me, I'm hoping any Swiss Guards facing unemployment go out start forming pike squares for, I dunno, Cardinal Burke? Cardinal Sarah? Anyway, anyone else who might be .... in danger of some sort in the Church?
Purely ceremonially, of course.

How does a pike square do in fending off gossip?

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