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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Glory That Was Grease

Krug's tavern, a dive in the (perfectly safe,) Ironbound district of Newark, NJ makes a might fine cheeseburger.
This is not a concoction for foodies, but rather a weapon-grade amalgam of ground beef, American cheese and onions, on a bun that can barely contain its awesome might.
It's a sports bar, so it was important, and gratifying to learn, Yankees not Mets.

I am not going to tell you that on my so far only visit, I ordered and demolished, (what I only later discovered was,) a three quarter of a pound patty.
I would be ashamed for anyone to know that.
So I'm not going to say it.
No one must know that I made such short work of a 12 ounce burger that if anyone else in the party had left so much as a morsel on his plate, I would have said,
... you gonna finish that?

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