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Monday, 29 December 2014

"No, no, I think my first marriage WAS valid... I just want another one"

Just saw this from Damian Thompson - very grateful that he took note of the German Catholic bishops’conference's releasing the findings of a special working group concerning communion for the divorced and remarried.

I found this particularly alarming-
Only very few remarried divorcees see annulment as a solution, because they do not think that their first marriage simply never existed, the bishops said.

Let me say that again.


These people should be receiving the sacraments and not be considered as living in an adulterous situation because they DO believe their earlier relationships to have been VALID SACRAMENTAL MARRIAGES?

(In which case, hmmmm.... it would be licit to have relations with that earlier partner. But that's a' whole 'nother kettle of makrele.)

How does it make their current situation less than sinful if there is already a valid bond?

I am aghast at the illogic of the bishops' statement.
Is it available in translation anywhere on line I wonder?

The mind boggles, but I realize paraphrases my be obscuring the bishops' actual intent, and I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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