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Thursday, 28 January 2016

5 Things Pro-Lifers Wish Their Anti-Life Friends Understood

That title make strike some readers as a touch dishonest, they may object to the tone of my post - really? that's the way you talk to your friends?
All I can say is, it's in answer to a post from someone on the other side of the question, and the phrases and words most likely to raise hackles are taken directly from her, (if paraphrased slightly,) in turn-about it fair play mode.
I am fully aware, and admit upfront that not every abortion supporter is guilty of everything of which I speak in this - would that the other writer had been as honest about pro-lifers..
5 Things Pro-Lifers Wish Their Anti-Life Friends Understood
Abortion is one of the single most divisive issues between friends and family members. Everyone has an opinion on it, and everyone thinks that their opinion is the right one. One of the unfortunate results of this is that we rarely get to engage in a meaningful and germane discussion about abortion. Each “side” gets so entrenched in their own rhetoric that we usually don’t make any strides toward developing greater understanding and empathy.

So here is my discussion opener. I think this is an important topic that deserves an open mind and some time spent in contemplation.

1. We want women to lead happy, fulfilling lives too.

Some say women who make the choice to have an abortion are struggling, as if having struggled with something makes any decision you make okay.
Someone might say, "The popular right-wing slogan is, 'Abortion Hurts Women.' I would posit that, in many cases, the women are already hurting."
I would posit that killing the life inside them is not going to stop their hurting, but will add to the pain.

2. We Are Pro-LIFE, Not Anti-ABORTION

Or, to put it another way: we are trying to stop a life from being destroyed, not stop a medical procedure.
We believe that the pressures put on many women and girls relieves them of culpability in the death of the child.
But saving the family embarrassment, the man his financial responsibility, the medical facility or insurers from spending time, effort and money?

People who say "just getting rid of it" is an easy answer are deluding themselves.

3. Banning Abortions Doesn’t Prevent Them (Oh, look! something on which we agree!)

Which is why making the killing of the unborn unthinkable is more important than making it illegal.
Prattling on about "access to safe abortions" is disingenuous since it's not safer for the baby whose life is being taken (obviously!)

4. We Think You Shouldn’t Call Yourself ‘Pro-Choice’ If the Person Whose Life You Are Okay With Taking Has No Say In It

This is one I’d really love to hash out with a so-called “Pro-Choicer.” There are children aborted who are perfectly healthy. Do you consider that your “pro-choice” effort is best spent making rom-coms with an abortion as the comedic centerpiece of the movie? or would it be better spent fighting for pre- and post-natal healthcare for mothers AND babies?

5. We Wish You Would Stop Being So Damn Glib

Can we cut it out with the personal attacks already? It doesn’t make you morally superior; it just makes you a jerk.

Here’s an idea: instead of printing a slogan demeaning someone elses devotional or religious practices, make up a sign that says, “I Respect Your Position.”
Try taking that one to your counter-demonstrations.

Oh, wait, you don’t want to do that? You want to pour water over some elderly bishop and show your naked breasts with slogans smeared on them and shout down speakers with whom you disagree?

Because that's empowering women?
Get over yourself.

Obscenity and blasphemy don't add anything to a complicated discussion. And treating the issue of abortion as if there is moral equivalence between the deliberate killing of an unborn human being and having your educational, financial and career horizons limited is insulting to everyone’s intelligence. We’re better than that.

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