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Friday, 15 January 2016

The "Weight" of Beauty

Is it true that in today's culture Beauty carries no "emotional, intellectual or spiritual weight"?

I refuse to believe it so.

I think this one member of the chattering class is correct that the chattering class, by and large large, account it so, but I will not believe that the great bulk of humanity sees it that way.

I think much of High, or, again, what the chattering class chooses almost arbitrarily to proclaim "High Art," is intended to be unbeautiful, and by that intention also renders itself untrue.

Frankly, I wonder if that isn't why the rest of us no longer care much what Our Betters tell us is Art To Be Reckoned With. The same kind of disconnect between what TPTB tell voters is so, and what the voters suspect is really so has led to the, in some cases truly horrifying, populism we are experiencing.

We commoners don't necessarily see things as they are, but we sure as hell know it isn't the way in which they are being presented to us.

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