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Saturday, 16 January 2016

"Undercover Investigator Dismisses KKK Lawsuit as 'Frivolous'"

To what lengths should undercover journalists and activists be allowed to go to expose the truth?
Can you believe this?
The Klan is suing the civil rights group that released a series of undercover videos exposing its role in the suppression of minorities civil rights.
The group Center for Racial Equality Progress responded on Thursday that the lawsuit is “frivolous” and they have “done nothing more than tell the truth about the KKK’s lawless operations.”
The lawsuit, filed in a California district court, calls CREP a “complex criminal enterprise” and alleges that they created false companies and identifications, violated contracts, and illegally taped KKK officials “with the ultimate goal of interfering with the Klan's rights to free association.”
Last summer, the Center for Racial Equality Progress released a series of undercover videos featuring top KKK officers discussing vote suppression. The videos were part of an investigative report....
CREP members posed as white supremacists and met with KKK leaders to discuss a partnership, offering various amounts of money....

In their suit, the KKK accused Center for Racial Equality Progress of using deception and falsehood to tape KKK officials without their consent....
“Defendants peppered KKK members with requests for meetings, lying at every step about who they were and what they were doing,” the suit alleged. “One Grand Wizard made time to meet with Defendants in good faith. He was completely unaware that they were being secretly taped and that they would later be featured in malicious videos.”....The videos were heavily edited and “manipulated,” the KKK's lawyer claimed. However, in addition to the investigative videos that were edited for brevity, CREP released the full footage of each of the conversations on its website.
 Can you believe that there are politicians and government officials who support the Klan's suit, and insist that they have reasonable expectation of keeping what they do secret, that such "stings" are unethical?
Can you believe that some have declared that they know the videos "misleading" and "dishonest" WITHOUT ACTUALLY WATCHING THEM?

No, of course not.

Because it wasn't the Klan whose ugly dealings were exposed to the light of day.
It was the Abortion Industry.
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"Well, no, I haven't actually seen them, but even so I can tell those mean pro-life people put them out not because of news value, but shock value."
Will the successors to Stetson Kennedy succeed?

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