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Saturday, 30 January 2016

"Big Lots" Dry Skin Relief Find

Silkience SPA Haus Moisturing Lotion with Oatmeal & Shea Butter 12 Fl Oz.

I usually buy large tubes of, (what I think is a copy of Aveeno,) called "Bath-scriptions" or something like that, at Big Lots, but they haven't had any the last few times I looked. I was able to stock up when I found some in  Big Lots while driving cross-country last year, but now it seems a lost cause.
Well, it's winter in the US, and even in the humid sub-tropics or equatorial rainforests the Dread Curse of Dry Skin has struck with a vengeance, and add that to my dermatitis, and I NEED SOMETHING!

Big Lots has this "Spa-Haus" product, made by Silkience, with colloidal oatmeal and shea, and, (da-dada-DAH!) virtually no scent, AND (add full brass to that fanfare,) it cost a buck.
For 12 ounces.
In a pump bottle.

Serious bargain.

Not as heavy a weight as I sometimes need, but perfect for putting on throughout the day (I put a bottle in the kitchen, and one on my desk at school, and one near the piano, and one where I surf and watch TV of an evening, and one on by night-stand, and....
Anyway, if you are similarly afflicted, hie thee to Big Lots.

Big Lots, my eczema is ever so grateful to you!

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