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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I Like Toronto and I Don't Need a Doctor Very Often, and Sometimes the Law ISN'T and Ass, But Just the Same...

.... I'm glad I don't live there, because apparently this cretin is allowed to practice medicine.
A 42-year-old Toronto physician recently tried to sue a woman with whom he’d had a casual sexual relationship for more than $4 million in damages, claiming “non-pathological emotional harm of an unplanned parenthood.”
The man, identified only as PP in a court ruling, alleged in a statement of claim that the woman, known as DD, told him she was taking birth control, and so the two proceeded to have sex on several occasions without a condom when they were seeing each other in 2014.
But then DD got pregnant, and PP wasn’t pleased, so he sued her....
The facts in the case are “salacious,” [the judge] said, so salacious that the judge decided on his own initiative to hide the identities of both parties and seal the court file for fear the child might one day find the ruling and realize he or she was the focus of it.
[The judge] wrote that PP was not seeking to avoid child support obligations, as he is already making payments.
“To use the language of the statement of claim, PP was emotionally harmed because he was deprived of the choice of falling in love, marrying, enjoying married life and, when he and his wife thought ‘the time was right,’ having a baby,” the judge wrote in his 18-page ruling.
That's a special kind of stupid.
And an even more special kind of self-centered. 

And yes, I'm perfectly aware of the derivation of cretin.

I think it suits this moral imbecile, whom we all must hope and pray somehow finds salvation.

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