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Friday, 4 March 2016

"Oh, Google - I Think I'll Miss Your Inept Suggestions As To What Pages Might ContainWhat I'm Looking For Most Of All...."

I'm serious.
I can't even remember what I sought, but this page SOOOO had nothing to do with it.
But, dove into the wormhole, wondered why page popped up with my search terms, read further to try to ascertain, became distracted by goofy conversation, forgot what I was looking for, and came across a comic gem.

As one does.
Okay, I am pro-life, but I have an ENORMOUS problem with this article. First of all, the generalization that it's only women who have abortions is false.
Actually, NOT ONLY WOMEN GET ABORTIONS. Trans-men get abortions. People of all types that don't fit into the normative "woman" gender category get abortions.
Thank you, Humpty-Dumpty.

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