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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

"Sister Pig," Indeed - A Child's Garden of Pro-Abortion Propaganda

Maybe the single most disgusting thing I've ever encountered.
It's a child's book about a small boy learning poetically that his older sister was killed in the womb.
It's all warm fuzzies, no“luxury of grief,” or "culpability’s sharp sting" or "salty guilt." (I didn't say it was good poetry.)
There's no denial of the fact that it IS a life that was taken.
“That’s right,” Papa softly affirms, “she briefly lived in Mama.”
The happy ending is that killing the girl keeps the parents from being too busy or tired.
(Another aspect of the happy ending is that the murdered girl, unlike the little boy, is spared the horror that is kale.)
Yes, the author is a real piece of work.

Mary Walling Blackburn