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Friday, 4 March 2016

Spoken by the....I mean, Speak of the Devil - Top Catholic Catechist on "Disordered" Inclinations

Speaking of how the Church uses the term "disordered," it seems that "the head of the Curia’s secretariat for catechesis"* has a little trouble with that bothersome need, "sentire cum ecclesia."
To whit: 
The Catholic Church’s doctrine still refers to homosexuality in terms of it being an illness or a disorder.... Speaking like that in today’s society is simply nonsensical.
Oh, well, then....
I make no claim whatever as to the prudence of a Maltese prelate asking for, or promulgating a position paper on a civil law, I know none of the particulars.
That said, the fact that he simply disagrees with what the Church teaches on a subject calls his objectivity on whether the Church ought to speak on said subject into question, no?

It reminds me of that lame "What If We Just said Wait?" movement.

If a single person, one single person who had publicly supported the the implementation of the new translation had opined that nonetheless, it should be postponed, I would have thought the reasons at least worth looking into, the position might have had some credibility.

As it was?

Not a jot.
*Not sure the news outlet reporting this has the guy's dicastery or his position in it even close to correct.
Edit - I wonder if there is a "Maltese Curia," and this priest has nothing to do with the Vatican at all.

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