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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What is Happening, Where is This Hate Coming From?

In Germany, (a nation whose Catholics are sucking wind desperate for vocations,) a  Congolese priest  who has German citizenship was driven to resign from his parish post by death threats, racist slurs from local politicians and hate mail, (postcards inscribed, “off to Auschwitz”.)

Besides his offense of being black, he had transgressed in the eyes of the Christian Social Union by working with refugees 

Himself, who has a tendency to fly from one extreme of emotion to its polar opposite, often chidingly quotes to himself, "Brother John, you are a creature of excess." 
(I may not have the wording quite right, it is from the screenplay to Becket, and gives him a chance to exercise his Richard Burton impression.)

Can we as civilized people not find some middle path between hating the Other and excusing or glossing over murders and  assaults and refusing to acknowledge the part their otherness may play in their crimes?

Walls with doors?

By the way, title is rhetorical, we know whence the hate.

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