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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Setting an Example Through Funerals

I cannot recommend highly enough this article by Andrew Motyka, on programming a funeral liturgy in a way that is ACTUALLY appropriate and ACTUALLY likely to not raise the hackles of those who jerk their arthritic knees at the suggestion that campfire songs are not an acceptable accompaniment to the Unbloody Re-Presentation of the Sacrifice of Calvary.

(No, the fact that his efforts are very similar to the tack that I took in trying to reform funeral praxis at my former parish has nothing whatever to do with the approval with which  I speak of his methods.)
(Albeit with a LOT less cooperation from TPTB at my parish.)
(Not that I feel sorry for myself or anything.)
(Oh, and not just TPTB but the funeral choir, on whose good will I depended utterly if there was to be any chance at all of reform. The biggest battle may have been trying to replace "May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind...." with an English In Paradisum.)
(And this was not even an Irish-American parish.)
(Never was able to use Requiem aeternam instead of the Taize "Jesus Remember Me.")
(Okay, enough with the parenthetical statements.)

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