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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

UK Pro-Aborts Sure Do Seem To Have Something Against Americans

Well, I understand, we are loud.
Or loud adjacent, I personally am just plain loud.
I did not know we Ugly Americans were suspected of funding the UK pro-life movement just the way we did the IRA.

One little miss seems to be actively scared of us anti-Aborts, as if she feared being asked to provide her bona fides when she "went undercover" by reciting the "Hail Mary" from memory.
One man asks me about good places to start finding out about the pro-life movement, as he's brought a woman with him and she's just starting to get involved. I'm convinced my cover has been blown and it's a test. I mumble something about Planned Parenthood selling babies, hoping my disgust is read as incomprehensible sadness about the "babies being killed." Luckily, I still pass.

The people talking to her provoke her disgust, but the thought of babies being dismembered for profit doesn't?

This was the bit of her clever thinking that had me picking my jaw up off the floor:
The next country, [to legalize abortion] he proclaims, was, of course, Nazi Germany—neglecting to add that this was part of a eugenics programme targeted at whoever the Nazis saw as genetically inferior.
Catch that?
The speaker dishonestly failed to note that Nazis killed unborn babies for bad reasons.
We're better, because we don't limit our killing to the disabled or different  -- we campaign for killing perfectly healthy people of our own class, color, religion, and ethnicity!
"But we're good, we're not like that.... we're good people!"

(Had no idea Cecil Taylor's brillinat play had been filmed... will have to find it.)

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