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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What Kind of Politician Should a Disabled Person Favor?

I'm very, very fortunate.
God has blessed me more than I deserve, but specifically, I'm thinking about the fact that I have no physical disabilities at all.
None. (Overweight and out of shape, but that's my own will.)

So I have no opinion on this, and I am entitled to no opinion on this.

I am curious, as various "rights" are being debated in other nations, and recognizing that there is no more a monolithic "disabled community" than there is a Catholic one, whether the physically handicapped are more inclined to support politicians who fight for their right to an access ramp to public buildings, or their right not to be killed in the womb?
Is securing public financing for the education of the disabled whose schools will require more than ordinary help the piority? or is securing public financing for the bringing to term of the disabled whose mothers will require more than ordinary help?

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