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Friday, 12 October 2007

Sir Monocle's White List

It occurred to me that I didn't actually blog Sir Monocle's list, merely blogged of its existence.
The pieces I didn't already know that intrigue me the most are the Gardner (I conducted his "When Christ Was Born" with the Schola Scelati two years ago, and the children were FANTASTIC.... that and the Gregorian Puer natus garnered more praise than anything else they have ever sung -- they outdid themselves,) and the Bryars, which sounds gorgeous.
I have been a big fan of his since Sinking of the Titanic, but didn't know he had composed anything one might use liturgically.
Alas, the cost of his music is prohibitive, even on Sheet Music Plus (his publisher is Schott,) and to be honest, our repertoire is lacking in so many areas, I'm not sure I could justify the time and effort on another Marian piece ( there aren't enough Sundays in May and October for what we have now...:-P)
Anyway, her, the list:

Set me as a seal - K Lee Scott
Be with me, Lord - William Ferris
Szeroka Woda ( Broad Waters) H. Gorecki
For The Beauty Of The Earth - John Rutter
Ave Regina Gloriosa - Gavin Bryars
Mother and Child - John Tavener
Messe des Pauvres - Erik Satie
Agnus Dei - Urmas Sisak
I Lift My Eyes to the Hills - Paul Bouman
Ave Verum - Edward Elgar
Five Mystical Songs - Ralph Vaughan Williams
E'en So Lord Jesus, Quickly Come - Paul Manz
Fight the Good Fight - John Gardner


Sir Monocle said...

Thanks - by the way, I am amazed at the contributions on your blog. You do a heck of a job with this thing. Also, I'm adding a piece: Anuna's "Media Vita". I heard a children's choir do this piece and I really liked it. Michael McGlynn, the leader of this group does all the arranging - though you may already be familiar with him. I'll try to link up the video of that piece on my blog. Here's a link for more info..


Scelata said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'll amend your list.
Anuna is a great favorite of mine, but I'd never thought of anything of theirs as do-able...
Their music seems so much to belong to first, the producer, and second the performers, I've never even imagined it divorced from their efforts.
Have you seen sheet music?
Another avenue I'd like to explore inspired by a gourps recording is that of SAVAE's music. I know that is published, but I'm not sure it within my choir's abilities (or tastes, and while I can push them a bit, sometimes they rebel, I needs must read carefully.)
My big sister is a fiddler, and deeply immersed in both Irish Trad and its more new-agey offshoots, and she's given me a number of Anuna albums.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Sir Monocle said...

Well, yes, you're right. I only was able to accomplish the "Media Vita" with soloists and two choirs for Advent Lessons and Carols. You could order the music directly from McGlynn. He personally emails it to you as a pdf.

I did SAVAE's Hanapachap Cuisicuinin (published through WLP) last year. The harmonies were simple enough - but my choir moaned endlessly about singing in the indigenous language. Instead of useable soloists (oboe players, trumpeters, etc...) I, for some reason have a large number of percusionists in my congregation that own those crazy instruments. They were excited to participate in that one last December.