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Monday, 9 February 2009

Cause and Effect

So, after all the denials, and leaks, and contradictions, even the Old Grey Lady says it is so, Richard Williamson is no longer rector of the SSPX seminary.
Does anyone truly believe the SSPX would have seen fit to distance itself from even the whiff of racism and hatred, (and I do NOT accept the nonsensical stance that to question the magnitude of the slaughter or the measures employed by the Nazi's in their attempted extermination of Jews, -- as well Gypsies, homosexuals, Slavs, of course, -- constitutes either "holocaust-denial" or "anti-semitism,) had the Holy Father not bravely and without care for the beating he would take in the regard of men, lifted the excommunications?

Whatever the confusion, hurt or finger-pointing expressed by various curial voices, I have no doubt whatsoever that this all played out as Benedict pretty much knew it would, and knew it must, and knew it would have regardless of any prior attempts at spin, PR or damage control.

Those who would use any stick to thrash the Body of Christ and its Vicar would have done so in any case, and by allowing the news of the lifting of the excommunications to be released with virtually no explanation it allowed them to "... scream and shout, wave the arms and run about," and, their tantrum having exhausted them, the grown-ups were able to continue the converstion.

Last week’s statement by the Secretariat of State seemed to repair relations with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, which plans to continue its dialogue with the Vatican, said its director general, Oded Wiener. The body had asked to postpone a March meeting with the Vatican in protest.

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