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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Throwing darts at presbyteral headshots to make episcopal appointments

I was reading the Vatican News Service, and noticed in the past week there have been about twenty appointments, some curial, but most bishops in strange and exotic places of which I've never heard (Gallup, f'rinstance ;oP)

Is that a pretty normal rate?

And if so, how in the H*** can people alternately whinge about how slow the Pope is to fill their own diocese's vacancies by trying to discern the will of the Holy Spirit in choosing from among the names of several people half way around the world whom he has never met --- and whingeing about inadequately vetted choices?
And does the great mass of complainers beiing pretty evenly divided between the two camps mean that a pretty good middle course is actually being steered in the appointments business?


lvschant said...

I read about the Gallup appointment... interesting background on the newly appointed bishop. New Mexico is my home state, so I found it very interesting. His parents are both converts to Catholicism...

Scelata said...

Boy, you have lived everywhere.
He seems like a terrific choice.

(save the liturgy, save the world)