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Wednesday, 25 February 2009


We sang for the evening Mass.

The morning Mass was, by all accounts, crowded, and the school Mass was standing room only in the peanut gal..., um, in the seats allotted to the non-school-children.

So I was not expecting much of a turn-out for the "last chance Mass," and worried that I would be taken to task for wasting paper, (deciding it was easier to gain forgiveness than permission, I took advantage of the once-a-year occasion, and selected some good texts not in our hymnal, and used them, and actually MADE PROGRAMS!), so I was astounded at how large the turn-out was.


Is a great change happening, a turning?

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Dad29 said...


There are three holydays for little-practicing Catholics: Ash Wednesday, Christmas, and Easter.

Of course, there ARE more pray-ers when the economy tanks.