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Friday, 27 February 2009

Triumph of the Will[ful Liturgist]

I realize that the guilt of far heavier sins probably weighed upon Fr Marcial Maciel than this, but is he to blame for the horrid practice of priests telling their entire congregations to extend their hands in blessing over whomever is being subjected to the ritual du jour?

The entire rally-at-Nuremberg visual thus produced is beyond disturbing, and one of my pet peeves...

"Vows of SIlence," a new documentary film about the Legionaries of Christ, the crimes of their founder, and about his victims.... "suggests connections between the Legion and the farthest right wing ideology. [Two of Maciel's accusers] explain that Maciel admired the Germans and Christianized the Nazi salute. [One of them] demonstrates the Heil Christus! "

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