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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Well, what do the POLLS say is the right thing to do?

Because shouldn't all we do and say be guided by what other people might think of it, isn't that how the morality of an action is decided? kind of the Family Feud approach to Theology and Ethics and All That Good Stuff?

Yet Père Georges David Byers, Chapelain des Sanctuaires Notre-Dame de Lourdes seems to think otherwise.

[T]here is one thing that we hate more than anything else: not being consulted. We would rather marginalize someone, kill them off, rather than not be consulted. Even if there is nothing to discuss, such as the love of Christ being manifested to us, we go berzerk. Of course we would reject His love and truth and goodness and kindness. That’s what we do without His grace. He knows that. So, he didn’t consult us about His coming. He sent His angel Gabriel to announce things to Mary, of necessity, and we have all the prophets, but there is no discussion about this. The Lord is the Lord of History. And that’s the whole of it. And we hate that. It means that without our consultation we’re going to have His love and truth and goodness and kindness, and that is going to require us to stop being such jerks, such schmucks. We hate that. “CONSULT ME FIRST!” we scream. If we want to cooperate with His grace, finally, we can get over that, thank God.
Now, take the case of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict, governing with fatherly solicitude, making bold efforts for the sake of unity in the Church, unity in the body of Christ. He knows that this love in truth, that this goodness and kindness will be hated, hated, hated, even by those closest to him, and that they will scream their screams of “CONSULT ME FIRST!” just to stop the love in truth, to stop the goodness and kindness. They will claim all sorts of rubbish about combining this thing with another thing which has nothing to do with the other thing (something which really makes them guilty, does it not, of what they themselves are projecting unto the Holy Father?). The Holy Father knew all this, but decided not to let such people stop him in his efforts for unity. The Holy Father knows that the Successor of Peter is the sign of unity, not underlings in the Roman Curia!
Look at the fall out: ecclesiastics, politicians, and even policy-of-playing-stupid-always journalists are showing themselves for who they are: politically correct projectors of their own rubbish. When it’s out, vomited all over the Holy Father, maybe they can see what they themselves have done in not taking the real issues seriously, but only making them worse. Maybe then they can take a step back, wipe the spittle from their mouths, and, in awe, say, “Truly this is the successor of Peter, governing with fatherly solicitude, gathering the flock into one fold!”
There is a type of person who unable to find legitimate, logical grounds on which to object to someone else's words or actions without betraying his own unrighteous agenda resorts to sanctimoniously rhetoricizing, what kind of MESSAGE does that send??!?#?$??%?

I mean, how is modern society supposed to deal with someone whose main concern doesn't seem to be how his actions look to ME?!??#?$?%??

They never stop to wonder if perhaps that is the message....

(By the way, go to the good Father's blog to add your blossoms to the spiritual bouquet for the Holy Fathe,)

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