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Monday, 23 February 2009

Let God use you without consulting you....

Some advice I need to heed, from Mother Theresa, via the Archbishop-elect of New York.

“Do I want to go? Do I consider myself qualified? Are there much better candidates for the position?” Archbishop Dolan asked rhetorically.

“All of that is really beside the point. The obedience I freely and enthusiastically promised to Jesus Christ, His Church, and His vicar on earth, our Holy Father, is a very liberating act. So, I place my future in the hands of the Lord, whose grace and mercy endure forever, and I go.”

And really, how could ya not love a guy who values a good paczki? (That's pronounced "poonch-kee," for those of you who have not had the pleasure.)
I expect to enjoy at least one tomorrow night, assuming ANYONE shows up for choir rehearsal...
Even Himself is proving to be... well, let's just say, TPTB are demonstrating yet again in what lowly regard they hold what we do.
Go ahead, schedule something else during choir rehearsal.
Every rehearsal, every week.
Go ahead.
Think the noise will bother us? bother me?

I feel a Saint-Saens moment coming on....

Or is that not how He wants to use me?

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