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Thursday, 7 May 2015

How Popular is Marriage?

A writer in the Non Catholic Rundown says that,
marriage has probably never been as popular as it is among the LGBT community.
and that,
Countless same-sex couples really do "feel like" getting married.
Are either of those statements true?
She does say "probably" in the first, but is it probable? and are the gay or lesbians who want to marry really "countless"? or even many?
I don't pretend to be able to make sense of statistics like these, but anecdotally it seems very unlikely.
And are the gay or lesbians who want to marry really "countless"? or even many?
Again, I don't see the evidence.
I have no idea if the cliches about women being the driving force in traditional marriage are correct or old (wannabe) wives' tales.
But there seems enough data to support the thesis that biologically male humans are driven to "want" numerous mates, and females are hard-wired to "want" the protection of monogamy.
With only men in the mix, promiscuity seems almost a given.
Strangely, from the stats referenced above, "while fewer women have entered into civil partnerships overall, there are more that have had a dissolution."
Go figure.
I haven't had a large circle of lesbian friends since college, so I have no opinion or guess on how much they clamor for marriage, but for many years fully 3/4 of my friends, colleagues, drinking buddies were gay men.
Three quarters, at least.
And these were several different social circles over the years, in a milieu that far from stigmatizing homosexuality, (or any kind of sexuality at all, for that matter,) celebrated it, and allowed everyone to be as open as they wished.
An tiny minority chose to be, or at least succeeded in being in "steady" relationships of even as long-lived as a year.
And of that minority, the vast majority were in open partnerships.
Now, a good deal of the impermanence may be blamed on the nomadic work situations and lifestyle, but girls who were living out of town for a run and involved with someone back in the city were, far more often than not, sexually faithful.

None of this is really relevant to whether same sex partnerships are moral, or ought to be legal, I'm just questioning whether the writer's contentions have any basis in fact.

We've all realized that even when "everyone knows" something, it's not necessarily true.
No matter how often you sing about it in a fundraiser.

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