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Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Screenwriter and Marie Thérèse von Werdenberg

Who knew?
Julian Fellowes had an affair with the Marschallin.....
The woman he loved was 'unavailable' because she was married, with no plans to divorce. So what happened?
'She was great. I can't really speak about it, but she was fabulous ...' As he says this, his eyes fill with tears. 'She was fabulous. But the thing had kind of run its course, and she knew that I had met someone and I was very torn. So she said, "You have to get on with your life, and it's time for me to go."' By now he is crying openly, dabbing his eyes, blowing his nose, and I am groping for tissues in my handbag. Then he shakes himself, like a dog running out of the sea, and makes a few whooshing noises, and pulls himself together.
'Oh, I'm recovering. I'm fine, I'm fine. I've never talked about that before, you know. I shall probably regret talking about it now. But you're such a repository of stuff, aren't you? All of us - we have all this stuff in us.'

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