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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

You Want to Know What Love Is?

Read this.
Dawn Eden is a good person.
(I read about some moron poor soul leaving the Church for a lame ill-considered reason and no charitable words, no thoughtfully persuasive phrases come to me. She is not like that.)
Jesus in the Eucharist shows me how to love fully, and how to remain in his love – by giving my life for my friends (John 15:9-13). When he gives me his Eucharistic Body, he does not withhold his fruitfulness from me, for he wants me to be fruitful in him (John 15:4-5). The way I experience this fruitfulness in my own life is through the virtue of chastity.
Chastity enables me to bear fruit by loving fully in every relationship, in the manner appropriate to the relationship. Since I am unmarried, that means loving fully as a daughter, as a sister, or as a friend – relationships that do not entail giving over my whole body to another person.
If I did seek to have the type of union that entailed giving over my whole body to another person – sexual union – then loving as Jesus loved would require me to vow to remain in that person’s love, and to be open to physical as well as spiritual fruitfulness.

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