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Friday, 24 October 2008

Christ the King, Usus Antiquior

I will have a rare opportunity to be somewhere other than my own loft late morning of a Sunday, and if Himself can be persuaded, or bribed with hints of continuing the search for the world's greatest cheeseburger,* we may experience, oops, PARTICIPATE in, this Mass

Messe in C
Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828)

Jubilate Deo
Franz Xaver Richter (1709 – 1789)

Omnes Gentes Plaudite
Christopher Tye (1505 – 1572)

Sine Nomine Ensemble

Marche relieugse, Op. 16, No. 3
Léon Boëllmann (1862 – 1897)

Grand chœur dialogue
Eugène Gigout (1844 – 1925)

Organ Prelude & Postlude

One of the things I don't understand about the revision of the Liturgical Calendar in the wake of VCII is why the monkeying around with Christ the King? (I am only very gradually coming to understand what changes there were, as I try to pair up chants from books of yore with the calendar of now, and freely admit I don't understand many of them.
Oh, and also that I disagree strongly with some of those I do understand.)

(*and ohhhhhh, the things I've tasted!)


Dad29 said...

FWIW, as a bi-ritual kinda guy, I preferred Christ King as the last Sunday before Advent.

That placement underlines the Omega meme, just before the Church's New Year's Day--1st/Advent.

Scelata said...

Yes, that seem a good reason for its current place to me -- that is one of the changes that, as I said, I don't understand and so, have no quarrel with.
What was the reason for its previous placement, I wonder?

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Dad29 said...

SWAG (ask your husband for the meaning of that acronym)--

Last Sunday before All Saints'/All Souls' Days.

Scelata said...

"SWAG (ask your husband for the meaning of that acronym)--"

He was unable to satisfy my curiosity.