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Friday, 3 October 2008

Extraordinary Form

According to an advertisement in our diocesan paper, (see? not everything in said paper is objectionable,) there is a new parish offering the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. (Or rather, "an old parish, newly offering...")
Laudably, the weekend Mass is at a logical and attractive time -- 12:30 on Sunday.
Attractive for most people coming from distant points within the diocese.
Of course, those of us engaged in music ministry at less... progressive parishes, (where there isn't a ghost of a chance of any Latin Mass, much less the EF,) cannot make it.
There is also a Mass on one weekday, but it is at seven in the morning and since it's an hour's drive from here, and there is no public transportation, (in the state, basically....) I don't see that happening for me.
Ah, well... it's a start.
(Meanwhile, it's a shorter trip for me to go into another state for a .... fix.)

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