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Friday, 10 October 2008

I want to be a man...

Okay, not really, although I certainly did when I was younger, I wanted to be a priest so badly.
Which of course is how I should have fulfilled a role requiring such labor -- BADLY. I am too lazy, (not to mention, not in possession of the requisite genetic equipment,) to have been a priest.

But now, who would NOT want to belong to an organization so yclept?

The Argument of the Month Club, it would be be a fitting name for my birth family, "the Louds," as we now call ourselves. Several of us have lovely samplers bedecking our walls, saying
Welcome to the........ (Why have a discussion when you can have an argument?)

Anyway, this group, the AOTM, is hosting the famous Fr Z.
When Himself and I were Nomads, we spent a certain amount of time in the city where this will take place. he wasn't catholic yet, but I had the devil of a time, (apt expression,) finding a well-celebrated, well sung, reverent Mass.
It was a problem all over the country.
If only I'd been a bit more savvy about the internet, and its capacity for helping one find like-minded co-religionists.

Ah, well, think of the funny(/sad) stories I wouldn't have in that case...

But back on topic, that would be an wonderful group to which to belong (and I like their "manly menu," as well, brats, beer-cheese dip, rosti with bacon... what can I say? my appetite for food has never been lady-like.)

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