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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Encyclopedia of Organ Stops

Incidentally, does everyone know about this ?
An Encyclopedia of Organ Stops
I'm probably the last person in the world with an interest in organs to have discovered it, but if it is new to anyone else out there, it is a very interesting resource.
As a late-to-the-party organist (just as I am as a denizen of the interwebs,) I often feel it is like a language everyone else learned to speak as a toddler, and adults will never be truly fluent, ("Do you speak organ?")
And part of the problem is LITERALLY about foreign languages, "Oh, I don't HAVE one of those in the choir... oh, wait, I DO, but it's called THIS in the positif, and THIS in the great, and this...."
But seriously, it's a little like liturgical language. Wouldn't a little unity be nice? Why are there four different languages* on ONE ORGAN??!?#?$?%??!??
Anyway, much thanks is due Edward Stauff.

(*I haste to add, not on our/my Casavant)

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Sir Monocle said...

You and I both must be living under the same rock!! I never heard of it either. But am sure glad you found it!