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Monday, 16 November 2009

Bishops General Assembly

I am peeved to be unable to watch the plenary sessions of the USCCB General Assembly, they were very informative last year, (the minutiae of the discussion of SttL was particularly instructive.)

Where are they on television?
I don't know anyone who has access to them. (Me, I have dial-up and an eleven year old computer, and basic cable, ya know?)

Whatever the USCCB's, or members' thereof, issues with EWTN or their anchors, this seems to have been a bonehead move.

(I must add, I am not claiming to know who are the osteocraniacs here -- bishops? CTN? EWTN? Anyway, a disservice has been done to the Roman Catholic faithful in the US.)
Update -- it may be that EWTN will show the Telecare feed, which doesn't start until the afternoon session, apparently.
Vincent, if you read this and wouldn't mind, can you tell me what it was about the interview with Cardinal George on EWTN that gave an indication that relations between the USCCB and EWTN were not as good as they might be?

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