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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Cultural Diversity in the Church, and Language Skills

One of your better known Catholic "composers" feels pretty strong that we ought to move beyond singing an occasional "token" song in a different language.

He accuses himself of ignoring liturgical music published under such headings such as “Hispanic,” “Latino,” “African American,” or “Vietnamese,” partly because he is "not adept in any of these languages."

I believe there are parishes that actually invite this guy to give workshops...

We all know that Dan Quayle didn't really say that he couldn't understand the people of Latin America because he didnt study Latin, so I'm going to assume this was just an editing error, and this liturgist/musician doesn't really think that some language other than English, (the one in which he wrote his essay, so I'm pretty sure he's somewhat "adept at it,) that African Americans speak.

Interestingly, though, the reader is left with the impression that he sees no reason at all that congregations should not sing and pray and hear scripture in a language the majority of them don't understand.

Sound like he and the SSPX are on the same page there....

But what in the name Monty Python does "embrace a new chapter of infusion and interconnectedness in our worship" mean?

That's one language I HATE:



Dad29 said...

"embrace a new chapter of infusion and interconnectedness in our worship"

....I dunno. Maybe something about arterial surgery?

Anonymous said...


Seriously, I don't see any value in anything I've read that Haas has written.