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Saturday, 21 November 2009


The Holy Spirit.

From time to time we sing movements from choral Masses that we could never use, for one reason or another, in an actual liturgy.

I had a setting of the Sanctus planned as a prelude for the Feast of the Guardian Angels -- you know, Holy Holy Holy, the song of the angels?

And what with one thing and another it didn't work out, soloist not in tip-top form, basses shaky on some of those enharmonics, our 3 big gun sopranos, (needed for the high A, no, not all my sopranos have an a,) out of town...

Next "big" holy day, All Saints, we already had too many much more apt works.

Okay, so tomorrow, as a prelude on Christ the King, we'll sing this Sanctus.
It's a big cheesy thing, but it's mighty tasty cheese.

The Sanctus from a Gounod Mass.
The St. Cecilia Mass.

And the Solemnity of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe? it just happens to fall on Saint Cecilia's day this year, which I had not even noticed until I was typing up my choir programs this afternoon. (The choir is now begging to have it included in the hour of "carols" we sing before Midnight Mass. It's just plain fun to sing.)


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