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Thursday, 20 May 2010

"Enforced Irresponsibility"

I do not know where the creator of Universalis obtains the mini-sermons on the "About Today" page, but they are often tiny masterpieces.

Today's optional memorial of Saint Bernardino of Siena affords the opportunity to praise a saint who, while still very young, manned up and took charge of a hospital in the time of a deadly epidemic that had taken the lives of most of the staff.
Bernardino’s achievements before he became a Franciscan show what the young can achieve if given the chance. Let us try not to confirm them [emphasis supplied] in a culture of enforced irresponsibility, but to encourage each of them to give to others whatever they have been called into this world to give.
No need for the third person, no need to leave ourselves out of that task -- in the perpetual adolescence that our society often seems to leave us in, who does not need to escape this enforced irresponsibility?

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