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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Godparenting for the PoMo, or "Ya Want Inculturation? I'll Give You Inculturation!"

Apparently, Martin Amis is a lousy godfather.
Gambling at Ricks?

Today's whingeing isn't about him, we're all sinners, we all fail at our duties, we're all in need of the Lord's gracious salvation. (Full disclosure, I am the godmother of one person, to whom I diligently tried to impart the Faith to the best of my ability, as befitted the child's own age and ability to receive it IMO. This young person is of a sudden non-practicing, half-believing, and proudly fornicating. I trust, I pray that this is a phase.)
(Oh, and I was in my thirties when my own godmother was startled to learn that she was not only the wife of my godfather, but had stood up for me herself at my baptism.)

It's about the secular, no, the ANTI-religious world misappropriating the trappings of the religious world, (I would have said "reverse inculturation" were it not indistinguishable from the pastiche of religious rituals and profane pastimes that is inculturation the way it has been misunderstood and practiced so often...) and trying to strip them of their significance.
Presumably, the prince of the world thinks by trivializing the outward signs he can trivialize the deeper reality?
Who knows...

But I doubt his Useful Idiots at the NYTimes have any such clear intention when they suggest that godparenting, despite the etymology of the word isn't really about God, (much less about Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God,) no, no, no.... it's about friendship.

The ultimate value.

People who share your taste in jazz, with whom you enjoy gin and tonics on the terrace, who can dress and chit-chat presentably, and whom you can depute to take your child on day trips with which you don't want to be bothered.

No wonder parishes are beginning to have difficulty explaining to parents why, no, you CAN'T have your Muslim best bud stand up at your little one's christening.

I gather, (from watching too many movies starring the likes of Hugh Grant or various persons named Rupert,) that in England, where having gobs of godparentage is already de riguer, that for some time the only requirement has been being able to afford the obligatory gift of a sterling cup, since everyone is only vaguely of whatever faith he is "of." (One of the natural consequences of an established religion...)

In my own family, which has used a single christening gown for over a hundred years, (lovely, if unbearably fragile batiste,) this secularization has reared its horrid, horned head.
The Jewish-Buddhist branch of the family couldn't understand the reluctance by the keeper of said gown to hand it over for the "coming out party" of their little one.

Interesting times in which we live.

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