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Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Wisdom of Reverend Timtom

I watch a lot of television.
(After a recent thread at Musica Sacra on how little television all of you in the Catholic blogosphere watch, I hope you'll all acknowledge that it takes extraordinary courage on my part to make such a declaration. But I'm heroic that way....;oP))


Anyway, a number of other recent threads there and elsewhere have discussed the nonsense that passes for contemporary liturgy, youth ministry, etc., and I think all concerned would get a huge kick out a character on "The Middle" last night, a fellowship-offerin', guitar-totin', theology-singin' youth minister, Rev. Timothy Thomas.
Jesus was a teenager, too
Beneath the long hair, awkwardness and pimples?
King of the Jews.
-- Rev. TimTom, the Rovin' Rev
In Rev. Timtom's songs, we see an illustration of CS Lewis' metaphor of things that are bigger on the inside than on the outside. Yeah, to all appearances, He's just like that annoying kid stocking the shelves at the local supermarket, but inside? God.

The dangers of an ecclesiology based on a cult of personality are also sent-up in this episode to great effect, (see what I did there? how I went all big-wordy on ya to mask or at least mitigate the whiff of low culture emanating from my post?)

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