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Monday, 24 May 2010

Understanding the Beauty of What the New Translation Offers

The Liturgical Institute of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake at Mundelein has developed a program called Mystical Body, Mystical Voice to help dioceses prepare for the new English texts of the Mass.

They, or rather "It"? the Institute? well, the Institute's newsletter, reminds us that the powerful words from the Second Vatican Council calling for "full, conscious, active and fruitful participation in the sacred litrugy", the Mass, the Eucharistic celebration - the very font and ultimate fulfillment of our Christian faith - ask us to "know why words matter," that the Church is the guardina of the Liturgy, and that the very language is itself sacramental.

Wonder if either my current or soon to be diocese is availing themselves of this.

The Institute, and Fr. Martis, its director, are a great gift to the Church in this country.

Thank you, Cardinal George!

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