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Sunday, 15 July 2007

A homily... on Truth.... and DOCTRINE!!!!

Wow, and wow again, Fr Christopher Saliga.
Thought-provoking, orthodox, intelligible, surprising.
He brushed off compliments with, "Well, that's pretty much the way all the guys in my Province preach...," but nonetheless:


So, that "OP" actually means something.
A byte: Christ didn't preach congeniality.
More on it later, I'm off to rehearsal, but had to note that before I went, I'm trying to make notes mentally so that I can remember it.
(And here it is, later:)
He talked about Ratzinger's heading up the the CDF, yeah, the Inquisition, and weren't there questions we did need to look into? things we did need to consider? ideas that were worth being precise about?
That Ratzinger in his former position had things to say that were not universally well received, not unlike the hard truths Jesus had to give us. (I think he used the term "shock and awe")
And that he is continuing on that path as pope.

That "love" without Truth is not Love at all, that we are all called to metanoia,
yes, those who do not yet know Christ,
yes, those who do not accept the Truth of Christ's Church
yes, all of us in that Church, including those in positions of authority who teach in error.

And that sometimes digging for the Truth seems like filleting a fish -- would it be better to leave the bones in (my addition: when we feed it to our children? or the neighbor's children)?

I'm not doing it justice, and I'm remembering it wrong probably, and I may be incorporating my own understanding of what he said in the re-telling, for which I apologize, but it was just first rate.


Kathy said...

Scelata, I didn't realize you're in a Dominican parish!

Tell my old friend and classmate Fr. Chris I said hello! (And he's right, that's pretty much the way all the guys in the Province preach...)

Scelata said...

No, not a Dominican parish, CPPS, but Father Saliga is a "son of the parish" and was home for a while.
Next time I see the family I'll say hello; his sister Aline is a superb cantor, as is one of his nieces, and a very young nephew has played the trumpet for us at Mass, his mother is a lay reader and EMHC and runs several ministries, they are VERY involved and terrific people.

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