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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

What is with...?

.... tradition minded Catholics and ceeeeegars?

Yes, yes, Chestertonian incense, etc., but please...
I mean, they don't emulate his excessive weight, or at least, they don't aspire to it, do they?

It's all too, too foul.


Kathy said...

I can't really read Chesterton. Fr. Brown--okay. But not his non-fiction. It's too British, and way too "Of course..."

Boring, pedantic. I've often WANTED to like him!

Scelata said...

I really do like his writing, especially the non-fiction,
(and I may look just now as if I'm trying to emulate him, in the matter of gross tonnage....)

Reading more of him was among the tasks I'd set myself this summer, along with transcribing all the neat things I've found in the Summit Choirbook or the New English Hymnal that I just can't get my choir to sing wihtout the word and the music being in the same place :o)