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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Family Feud

No, no, this post is not about the Louds, (although my family provides ample amusing and not-so-much anecdotes about long-held grudges, spats that escalate into epic battles, mock fights turned deadly earnest... perhaps some other time.)

No, I have been thinking about the old game show as the avatar of appropriate theological discourse.

There is hand wringing and gnashing of dentures over the Pew Forum study of patterns of religious affiliation, and the usual suspects are demanding that the Church relax its doctrines and change its teaching to stem the tide of apostasy.

This is what I think of as the Family Feud School of Theology.

If you recall, the way to win the game was not to guess the correct answers, but the most popular answers.

Who cares what's right as long as it's what people want!

Thomas More, he woulda stunk at Family Feud.
And Athanasius? he'd never have been smart enough to go with the most popular answer.
And the Son of God? would He have gone along to get along?

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