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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Kurtas R Us!

I'm making that up, what the label really says is "Babak's House of Kurtas."

Ok, I made that up too, I can't remember the proper name that began it, but it really was "So-and-so's House of Kurtas."

Like most labels, it cried out for removal -- why, why, WHY are the labels in the necks or waists of most clothing sold in this country made out of some combination of razor blades and barbed wire? (I feel like Andy Rooney asking it, but there it is...)

Anyway, in the quest for piratical garb at the Goodwill, I came across this marvelously rich coloured (mauvish,) fabric with an interesting texture and sheen, pulled it out of the rack and found what I now know to be a "kurta." No use for the show, but what a kewl garment -- and what a cool garment.
Seriously, so comfortable and graceful.

And I've always loved costumey clothing, (and have very little sense or discretion,) so I'll get plenty of wear out of it IRL.
I've been thwarted in giving free rein to the proclivity to dress eccentrically in recent years, both by the need to avaid calling attention at work, (a church, duh...,) and by both the layout of the loft and my limited organ skills, (I do a lot of running around and climbing onto risers; I NEED to see my feet at the pedal; and I have discovered that many a thing can get caught on keys, and that leather sticks to the banch.)

I wonder if Himself is ever embarrassed by how I look?
He is far too midwesternly polite to mention it...

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cantatrix said...

I think it's a completely groovy look for you :) Are you wearing it to the Colloquium?