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Friday, 31 July 2009

Big Brothers

Himself, when he becomes aware of someone through media who is either not his "type" or simply of a type he is unlikely to encounter in real life, but he kinda likes, says that such a person "would do to run the river with." (People so honored with this description range from gay fashion gurus to mean-spirited talk-show hosts to croc-shod or cloistered monastics.)

"He would do to run the river with" is the thought that always plays in the sound-track of my mind whenever I read anything about Monsignor Georg Ratzinger.

He's a swell big brother (something I which I am fortunate to have quite a bit of knowledge.)
Benedict XVI arrives to Castel Gandolfo this afternoon, where he will spend the rest of his summer, with activities including a visit from swimmers competing in a world championship, afternoons with his brother, and being honored by a local peach festival.

... Sunday, he will attend a concert traditionally held in the patio of the residence....

Monsignor Georg Ratzinger will accompany his brother again this year at the summer residence.

"[Monsignor Ratzinger] is an exquisite personality, attentive to detail and always with special kindness for everyone," Petrillo said. "It is not for nothing that last year he was given the honorary citizenship of Castel Gandolfo."

The brothers will spend large portions of the days together, the director added, undoubtedly remembering childhood experiences....

The papal residence has been prepared to welcome Benedict XVI and his guests: The trees and bushes are recently trimmed, and the paths adorned with fresh flowers.

"Everything has been done with great joy and readiness because the workers are aware that they are called to carry out a direct service for the Pontiff," [the "director" of the residence] said.

The piano has also been tuned, though "for a time, the Pope should not play because of his little misfortune," the director affirmed.
I liked the absolutely naked mourning Mons. Georg's allowed himself to express, with his "oh, great, there goes our planned retirement!" reaction to his brother's election.

Perhaps the retired musician will get to show off with the more famous Mozart lover out of commission ;o)

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